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Young Life Photo Series

At PLNU, there are multiple ways to be involved and live a Christ-centered life. Whether that is attending chapel, going to a Bible study, or joining clubs, there are endless options to growing in your spiritual journey at PLNU. PLNU Young Life is an on-campus community that gets together each week to play games, grow in relationship with one another, and learn about Jesus! Each year, students are invited to go on the Young Life spring break trip.  This year, eight students went on the spring break trip to Point Mugu and surrounding areas.

This year, the students packed up their camping gear and headed to Point Mugu State Park. The students also spent time in Santa Monica, Malibu, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Onofre.  Here, the students are at Santa Barbara’s Chromatic Gate.

Christian Cottriel ‘22 shows a few friendly faces through his photographs. Nick Rae ‘23 does a back-flip on Malibu Beach.

Jessica Gardner ‘23 smiles on the Santa Barbara Beach while Christian Cottriel ‘22 captures the moment.

The Young Life students use their phone flashlights to spell out letters, while Christian Cottriel ‘22 shoots a long exposure photo.

Anna Pickerign ‘23 poses in front of a wall on State Street in Santa Barbara, while Sierra Huerta ‘23 snaps the photo.

Rachel Janis ‘23 and Anna Pickerign ‘23 share a laugh on the Santa Monica Pier, while Sierra Huerta ‘23 captures the moment.  More of the PLNU Young Life spring break trip can be seen in a YouTube video linked in the Instagram page → @ylplnu

By: Sierra Huerta