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Women in Christianity

Last week, 10 professors gathered in Crill Hall to discuss the history and role of women in Christianity. Sponsored by the Center for Women’s Studies, this event brought perspectives on the world of Christianity while shedding light on overlooked topics. At a time where women in faith communities are gaining visibility, these professors all spoke of gender equality as a necessary component of their theology.

Dr. Beail, a political science professor at PLNU, covered gender studies within Christianity, saying, “my feminism is deeply rooted in being able to see, mourn and challenge [those] gender injustices.”

Beail, along with many others, discussed feminism and faith as intertwined with one another.

Dr. Valiente-Neighbours, a sociology professor at PLNU, addressed Liberation Theology, which she says critiques sexism and emphasizes liberation from oppression.

Professors like Dr. McCoy and Dr. Powell, including many others, walked through a brief time in history that showed the strength and devotion of Christian women. They acknowledged the lack of opportunity present for many women throughout history, whether it was to publish their works or to lead a church. Powell discussed that many brave and devoted women in history “opened up some possibilities” in the world of Christianity that were never before present.

Each professor brought topics covering a range of feminist aspects in Christianity, which gets the PLNU community to ponder further on the struggle and valor of women in history, but also opportunities for women in the church today.



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