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What to wear on Thursday: Fashion Week San Diego

Thursday’s runway shows at the Broadway Pier in downtown SD were characterized by distinctly SoCal styles. Brands A’doreus, Dos Caras, I-AM-ZOE, Laced with B, Love is a Devil, Nicholas Huerta, NOIA, RHCreation and S. McKellar created looks on both swimwear and pret-a-porter clothing with spring colors and fun details. About 60 people were in attendance.

Designers Laced with B and RHCreation both had lines characterized by a throwback to the neon colors of the ‘80s. These two designers used pattern and watercolor textures, respectively, to showcase their designs on swimwear and everyday basics.

Last year’s winning designers and creators of the brand RHCreation, returned with their signature watercolor styling on maxi skirts and tops. These tops can be worn over a basic neutral tank with longer jeans and cute wedges. The skirts can be paired with any basics in the closet. Generally, these patterned pieces look best paired with simple colors.

The final trend that characterized the SoCal Style night of FWSD was black and white basics. From paneled skirts to dresses, designers I-AM-ZOE and A’doreus used neutrals to bring a classic feel to the runway. Chevron patterns gave the plus-size clothing designer A’doreus looks a fun flirty feel, while the solid all black and all white of I-AM-ZOE’s pieces kept it elegant. These designs move easily from daytime to nighttime for the working professional.

The distinctly relaxed and effortless styles of SoCal were displayed in original ways, on local, models through the work of designers who call Southern California their home.