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What to wear on Friday: Fashion Week San Diego

Approximately 100 onlookers watched as Friday night started off with a bang: a black leather dress worn with a black sheer cape by designer Osesas Villatoro. Villatoro kept the color scheme and designs simple with black, cream and royal blue styles. Along with American Prep, these collections had very simplistic, ready-to-wear pieces and could fit easily into everyday wardrobes.
Designers Bine & Bass and J.L. Rocha had designs or the fashionable men in the audience. Their collections included plaid button-down shirts from colorful cuffs to leather jackets and suede loafers.

Textures were a huge hit with lines Marloly and Danh Ta. Marloly infused lace into each piece somehow, someway. Hot pink lace shorts matched with a white blazer with added lace backing was merely one example of the designer’s lacework. On the other hand, velvet was Danh Ta’s muse. Velvet peplum tops and trousers exemplified the designer’s beautiful use of the fabric.

San Diego’s most fashionable come out every October, and this year did not disappoint. This city is home to many talented up and coming designers that get to showcase all their hard work and preparation for a glamorous 15 minutes of fame. Well SDFW, until next October.