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Trends Versus Personal Style: 2023 Fashion Predictions

Cambria Grant posing for a photo. Photo credit to Grant.

February is the month of fashion. With New York, London and Milan Fashion weeks just around the corner, the next big trend is on everyone’s mind. As we get settled into the new year, some students from Point Loma Nazarene University share their fashion predictions for the year of 2023.

Katie Segarra, a second-year graphic design major, is a notable fashion figure on campus. For this year, she hopes to see more juxtaposed pieces being styled together. 

“Cargo pants and a lacey top,” said Segarra. “That’s definitely one of my go to’s.”

In addition to contrasting pieces, she predicts that 2023 will be another year of trends. Just as 2022 saw the emergence of Y2K styles, she thinks that specific trending styles will take over the fashion world again. For the new year, Segarra sees “balletcore” becoming increasingly popular. Balletcore focuses on pastel pinks, ribbons and soft materials paired with tights and wrap shirts, pulling inspiration from dance wear. 

While trends come and go, Segarra said that she hopes that this year will be more personal style-focused. 

“My favorite looks are always ones when people dress so undeniably themselves,” said Segarra.

Segarra describes her own style as simply her personal style, because she feels it changes wherever she goes. She said that when she is in San Diego, she dresses very differently than she does when she is in Miami, which is different than what she would style if she were in Paris. 

If she had to define her style type it would be “romantic,” which she defines as neutral colors with reds, pinks and lace. She also pulls influence from Lily Rose Depp’s iconic “messy French girl” aesthetic. 

Second-year psychology major, Cambria Grant, says that for the new year, she hopes that fast fashion and ever-evolving trends faze out. 

“It’s so hard to keep up with the fast pace turnover of micro trends that I’m just going to say I honestly hope fast fashion and bulk buying as trends are on their way out,” Grant said.

Grant said that with less of a fast-paced turnover, personal style and creativity will have space to shine. When there is less pressure of staying in the newest trend, fashion can be used as an outlet of individuality. She says that in 2023 she hopes to see people get more creative with the fabrics and materials that they already have. 

“Personally, I’m also wanting some lacey high necks and big collars on tops, fun vests too,” said Grant. “Fun colored tights are also on my wishlist.”

Grant said that fashion styles from Alexa Chung, Orion Carloto and Devon Lee Carson all influence her style. Also pulling inspiration from past decades silhouettes and concepts is something Grant does often.

One specific aesthetic that has caught Grant’s eye is the emergence of ballet inspired clothing. Again this theme consisting of ribbons and ballet flats is said to be a popular trend for the year. Rather than being focused on buying new clothes, however, it embraces upcycled clothing, or giving pieces a second life. 

The main takeaway from this 2023 fashion prediction? PLNU will see an increase in personal style and creativity, with a hint of “balletcore.” 

Written By: Madelyn Walthall