Top Five Places To Study For Finals On Campus

Finals week can be brutal. Trying to find time to study for finals while also balancing what feels like a never-ending workload is not a great combination. It can leave college students feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. It doesn’t help that trying to study in a dorm can make you feel claustrophobic. Here are my top five best places you can study that aren’t your dorm. 

  1. Ryan Library: Specifically the private study rooms. Sharing a desk with multiple other people can make it hard to spread out your books, notes, and any other studying necessities you have. The private rooms make it easy to lay out everything you need, you don’t have to fight anyone for an outlet to charge your computer and they can be a great place to study with friends. 
  1. Bobby B’s: Some people just can’t get studying done in a quiet room; some people need background noise, activities or conversations. Bobby B’s is the perfect place to get all three. It’s also the best location on campus to keep yourself caffeinated and nourished while studying for finals. 
  1. The Caf:  Nicholson Commons provides both indoor and outdoor seating. The cafeteria is an easy place to stop for some food and do some studying while you eat, though I recommend getting there before breakfast, lunch and dinner rushes start, to ensure you have plenty of space and a good outlet to use while studying. 
  1. Sunset View Outside PointBreak Cafe: It’s the perfect place to study and be outdoors. I recommend being cautious of the weather, winter time in San Diego can make the weather go from warm and sunny to cold and rainy. There aren’t any places to charge your computer, but if you get there at the right time you can catch the sunset while you study. 

5. Empty classroom in Ryan Learning Center: There are tablets outside of the classrooms that let you know how long the classroom will be empty. The only downside is there are very few outlets and if you use the first floor there are no windows. It’s a nice quiet place to study, but be wary of the lights they tend to turn off and require you to walk around to turn them back on.