Top 5 Spanish-Language Content on Netflix

Do you feel like mastering a second language during this quarantine? Do you want to be more culturally aware of relevant issues and topics outside of the United States? If so, here is a list of my top five TV and film recommendations that you can watch in Spanish. 

5. “Taco Chronicles”

To start off this countdown I have chosen a documentary series that will make you want to go to the nearest taco shop, even if they are not as good as the ones featured. Spanning just six episodes, “Taco Chronicles” offers an insightful look into some of the most famous Mexican dishes that revolve around using a tortilla. From carne asada tacos to Mexico City’s own “tacos de canasta” (basket tacos), these episodes take the audience all across the huge and wonderful cuisine that Mexico has to deliver. The only downside to this series is its limitation to tacos; certain Mexican favorites such as pozole or menudo are excluded. Otherwise, if you are looking to travel down there someday, this show might just guide you in the right direction!

4. “Roma”

If you watched the Academy Awards last year, then you have already heard about this film. Otherwise, let’s just say it is about a housekeeper who lives with her providers and immerses herself into their lives. As a native indigenous woman, “Roma” highlights the social stratifying barrier that separates her from the upper, light-skinned class. Taking place during the 1970s, by featuring two women who have to deal with each other’s troubles, the film portrays a realistic view of Mexican culture. 

3. “Luis Miguel: The Series” 

 Often considered the “Mexican Frank Sinatra”, this biographical TV show is primarily based on Luis Miguel’s rise to stardom. With outstanding performances from Óscar Jaenada and Diego Boneta, the show uses a back-to-back sequence within its ten episodes of retelling his childhood as well as his transition from late youth to adulthood. Jaenada portrays his father, Luis Rey, as a strict, demanding figure whose only goal in his life is to use his son’s talents and gifts for his own purposes. Boneta, portrayed as the protagonist, covered and recorded all of the original songs featured and had a customized tooth gap in order to assimilate for the role as much as possible. It was already renewed for a second season, which will probably focus on his troubling relationship with his mother as well as his marriages. 

2.  “La Reina del Flow”

The only show on this list that is not an actual Netflix Original, “La Reina del Flow” (The Queen of Flow) is a Colombian telenovela that retells a classic vengeance story in a modern setting: The Count of Monte Cristo. Basically, instead of a friend imprisoning another one, it is “a love interest” who wrongfully imprisons the female protagonist. Fifteen years later, her spite and hate towards him fuel her to use her talent to change her alter ego in order to immerse herself into his life with the purpose of killing him. Spanning around 80 episodes, and also renewed for a second season, this is a novela unlike any other out on the market. 

1. “La Casa de Papel”

Also known as “Money Heist,” this Spanish heist drama has taken heist preparing to a whole new level. Led by “El Profesor” (played by Alvaro Monte), a group of misfits and criminals are recruited in order to rob Spain’s own “Royal Mint.” With the fourth part just being released, it leaves the audience seeking for more as the storyline goes along. This drama features just a bit of everything: action, romance and comedy. It will not leave anyone disappointed. 

Written By: Mario Borrayo Ramos