Top 5 Most Ridiculous Valentine’s Day Gifts

Toilet paper of love notes. Photo from

Valentine’s Day is a time for showing your significant other how much you love them, gift giving being a way to do so. The Valentine’s Day gift market is so saturated that it can be difficult to distinguish great gifts from gifts that do not get the “I love you” message across correctly. Here are the top five most ridiculous Valentine’s Day gifts that you should avoid at all costs.

5. Giant teddy bears

Those six-foot tall teddy bears are all fun and games until you cannot fit them through the front door. They are also unoriginal and are the first things to go once spring cleaning rolls around. The only benefit they serve is making a good cuddle buddy, but unless you want your significant other cuddling with it on their front lawn, you should save the $200 and spend it on something that is not on this list.

4. Toilet paper of love notes

Love notes are wonderful, in fact, you should write love notes to your significant other from time to time, just do not put them on toilet paper. Humans’ sense of smell and their memories are closely linked so just imagine your significant other using the bathroom, seeing the toilet paper you got them that says you “love them from top to bottom,” and then associating it with the array of stenches that come from the bathroom. You will forever be linked with the smell of bodily waste and you do not want that, so just do not do it.

3. Hygiene products

For starters, it is never okay to gift hygienic products. They just send the wrong message. Valentine’s Day is a time to say “I love you” not “your breath stinks” or “you have body odor.” It does not matter if Bath & Body Works made products with Valentine’s Day scents. Those are not for gifting. Those are just asking for you to get put in the dog house by your significant other. Although, a nice candle to burn during a romantic dinner would not hurt.

2. Matching underwear

Out of all the pieces of clothing you could get to match, underwear should not be on the list. One of the perks of couples wearing matching clothing is that others get to see it and give the couples a hard time about it. Since underwear is not really seen, this public ridicule does not happen. Do not rob single people of the one joy they get on Valentine’s Day. 

1. An engagement ring

According to a report by American Express, almost six million couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day each year. Do not be unoriginal. I can think of nothing more awkward than being proposed to in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day and looking over to the next table to find another proposal happening at the same time. It would ruin the moment. Valentine’s Day is a day that is special for all couples. Just wait a few more days to make a random day of the year special for just you and your significant other.

Written By: Jenna Bernath