The Hype Surrounding Fantasy Football

Photo courtesy of Trent Goldmann.

The National Football League (NFL) season commenced on Sept. 7, which means so did the fantasy football season. Fantasy football consists of gathering around with family and friends to draft your personal NFL player picks to ultimately craft the team you believe will be successful. The goal is to beat your weekly opponents, which are the teams of your friends and family members, to win the entire league. But what really is all the hype about fantasy football?

Third-year media communication major and sustainability studies minor Christopher Broze is more invested in watching football because he is currently in a fantasy football league.

“I am constantly refreshing my fantasy app every five to 10 minutes to see if anything has changed within the games,” Broze said. “Fantasy definitely gets me more excited to watch football because it’s like I have a wager in every single game, and it’s fun bantering with my friends when I face them in fantasy, so that adds another aspect to the excitement.”

As a staple in American culture, football is already popular, but fantasy football has the ability to get people even more excited and interested in the sport.

Third-year film studies major Charlie McClaflin is also in a fantasy football league this year and looks forward to playing in his league and watching football every week.

“It’s just enjoyable to be engaged with a fantasy league, and it helps me learn about the teams and players more,” said McClaflin. “The best part is that nothing beats winning in a fantasy game against my friends.”

Third-year finance major Trent Goldmann enjoys fantasy football because of the league he is in with his friends who all make it interesting in their own way.

“I play fantasy football because it makes watching football way more entertaining,” said Goldmann. “It’s a fun thing to do with friends, and it’s exciting cheering on your players every week.”

Depending on the league you are in and who you play with, fantasy football is also popular because of the stakes and traditions people make for their leagues.

“Every year on draft day we all meet up and dress in suits to draft our players,” said Goldmann. “Throughout the football season, we all trash talk to each other, which only brings us all closer. Also, the last-place person in my league has to do a punishment, which is fun to be a part of.”

Fantasy football brings people together through the competitive aspect of the real NFL games that translates into fantasy football leagues. 

“You could be in a league with people you have never met before, but you will definitely get to know them better after a season of fantasy,” said McClaflin. “Talking about good players, teams and coaches has people come together, and it’s very entertaining on draft day when someone takes your favorite player or a certain pick, or you do the same to someone else. It creates a healthy argument that just turns into fun as you try to beat that person in fantasy.”