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Sustainable Fashion Can Be Sustainable For Your Wallet Too

Brands such as Everlane, Nisolo, Outdoor Voices and Patagonia have been gaining tremendous traction in the last few years. These brands all have something in common: they promote transparency in their business and supply chain when it comes to fair trade and sustainable practices.

The sustainable fashion movement has gained a large following as concerns for preventing pollution and promoting fair working conditions and wages have risen exponentially in many western societies.

The main stumbling block that stops many people, especially students, from joining this important movement is the price tag that comes with socially and environmentally conscious purchases.

I believe the issue here stems not from a lack of money to purchase more expensive and sustainable items, but the inherent desire of this generation to own closets full of the latest fashions. Our consumerist society has told people to buy more, think less.

The sustainable fashion movement is all about cutting down. Cutting down wardrobes, costs, and ultimately, unhealthy desires for more and more stuff.

Capsule wardrobes are small, intentional collections of one’s favorite pieces that last throughout many seasons and years. Sustainable pieces guarantee quality wardrobes that last many years instead of, say, a shirt from H&M that may last one year at best.

Buying fewer pieces of clothing that stay in tact and in style for several seasons helps people curate simpler and less expensive closets that fit their style and moral obligations.

Websites such as and help consumers navigate the murky waters of buying fair trade and sustainable fashion. They also have many blog posts with helpful tips for shoppers on a budget.


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