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Surfer of the Week – Brandon Albertson

Brandon Albertson transferred to Point Loma Nazarene University from Orange County Community College, located in Costa Mesa, CA.

Brandon, otherwise known as “Balby,” has spent time trotting around the globe scoring waves the whole time. Balby has spent time down in South Africa surfing the world famous J-Bay wave in Jeffreys Bay.

“I was there for six months working for Aleph Surf, an after school program in the township with Jeffreys Bay, where we would teach Bible lessons to the kids and take them surfing.”

Brandon wants to take his art major and apply it towards a career dedicated to creativity. Brandon’s extensive knowledge of music and art has inspired him to apply his degree to create art pieces, work for music festivals, and to work in the surf industry as a surf photographer or designer.

Age: 22

Years Surfing: 11 years and hopefully still counting

Favorite surfboard right now: Barry Vandermeulen 5’10” – “Alby” model

Current Residence: Flex Housing

Major: Visual Arts

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Favorite Wave: River Jetties

Dream Wave: Macaronis in the Mentawai Islands. Brandon wants to surf this wave because “It’s known as the most playful left in the world. You can get barreled, do turns, and overall looks like a super fun wave. I want to share this wave with my friends while eating some fish on a boat in the tropic heat.”

Social Media: @b_albertson


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