Styling Up for the Runway: Courtney Volek

As the PLNU fashion show draws near, sophomore Courtney Volek is preparing for the big night. Volek is a stylist for PLNU’s “Make a Statement” themed fashion show that will be held on March 27 at Liberty Station Conference Center.

Volek is planning on styling five girls outfits with a fun and energetic theme of bohemian chic.

“It’s a beachy, kind of laid back style,” said Volek. “I want to go a little bit more extravagant than last time.”

Volek describes styling a line as “picking out certain pieces that fit the models’ body types and completing a look that works for her.” Styling a line requires taking a theme and repeating it a couple different times on each model.

Derek Kirk planned the event and believes this evening will be spectacular because of its success in previous years.

“Luckily for us, we have a strong base from past shows; this year we will just tie in all aspects of fashion from the Point Loma campus,” said Kirk via email.

Volek was involved in last year’s fashion show, and because of that experience, she is feeling confident about styling again this year.

“I styled a line last year,” said Volek. “It was small town girl goes off to the big city and was more southern girl.”

Volek started her preparations process by finding a boutique to get the clothes from.

“Finding your source and figuring out where you’re going to get the merchandise from is the most important thing when you’re styling a line,” said Volek. “Especially when you’re going for a certain theme, you want to make sure the store you’re getting it from has that same target market.”

Then, Volek focuses on getting the models together for sizing. She gets all the sizes beforehand and then meets the girls at the boutique to make sure the clothes fit perfectly.

“I’m basically picking out pieces that fit with the model’s body type,” said Volek.

Volek works very closely with her models. She had many of her friends model for her last year and will have them come back to model for her this year as well.

“There are so many beautiful people here at Loma,” said Volek. “I don’t pick girls that are super tall and skinny; I want to pick everyday girls as well. I pick a lot of my beautiful friends.”

Volek learned a great deal from her current internship.

“I’ve done a lot of fashion shows with them, so this is one of the first times where the show doesn’t have changes,” said Volek. “So that’s odd for me.”

San Diego Visual Productions’ shows range from expensive corporate events to small boutiques in San Diego.

Volek describes many differences, good and bad, with the PLNU show and the shows she has done at her internship. Regardless, she loves the PLNU show because it is so different than what she does for her internship.

The fashion show has a rehearsal the day of the event but Volek is planning on rehearsing with her models beforehand just so they can feel more comfortable with the process.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect. I just want to have fun; it’s for the experience,” said Volek.

She secured a boutique for the show this year and is planning on meeting with her models soon.


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