Study Abroad: What’s It All About?

Photo of the Scottish Highlands taken by Audrey Krivan on her study abroad trip.

There are over 160 study abroad programs offered by Point Loma Nazarene University that offer students the opportunity to travel the world while getting a good education. These opportunities have helped students understand their courses from the context of the places they are connected to. 

The Director of Study Abroad and International Ministries at PLNU, Brian Becker, explained why he thinks studying abroad is something that every student should consider.

“It is an opportunity to explore, stretch, and grow.  It can build up our courage, cultural humility, and flexibility.  God is faithful and blesses us as we lean into learning and growth — here and away and abroad,” Becker said.

While studying abroad, students of varying majors can take courses that transfer to PLNU. The Study Abroad Office said they make sure that students are getting the credits they need while experiencing places they have never been. 

Along with the sightseeing opportunities on these trips is a variety of job and internship opportunities for students. The majority of abroad opportunities offer a wide range of internships giving real world work experience. 

Per Becker, there aren’t as many jobs to get while abroad yet students are able to obtain work visas at Australian and New Zealand partner schools.

 “Even Semester at Sea offers jobs on the ship that fit nicely outside of class time and may only require work when the ship is at sea — and these programs can make Semester at Sea much more affordable.” Becker said

Third-year STEM pre-med major Audrey Krivan took advantage of a study abroad opportunity that took her all the way to the Scottish Highlands.

“The ‘Experience Scotland Program’ was hosted through a backpacking company and they said it was ‘quintessential’ to experiencing Scotland so I knew I had to go and see,” Krivan said.

Experiencing the vast areas of open land left a significant impact on Krivan’s life.

“Seeing Glen Coe, which was a valley of amber mountains with streams flowing down them to a river and bridge, was the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life,” Krivan said.

Krivan said that every student should try to study abroad at some point in their collegiate career to either experience a new place or to broaden their perspective on the world.

“I think students should do anything they can to make it work. I’m a STEM-pre-med and I knew doing this for myself and life experience would be worth it in the long run, and it definitely has been so far,” Krivan said.

Interested students can attend daily advising sessions at 12 p.m. in the Study Abroad Office, located on the third floor of Nicolson Commons. For questions regarding upcoming Study Abroad opportunities, email the Director of the Study Abroad Office, Brain Becker, (brianbecker@pointloma.edu).