Student on the Radar: Greg “Pawn the King” Oyan

Greg “Pawn the King” Oyan


Album: Let me introduce myself

Year at PLNU: Junior

Hometown: Ventura, California

Style: “Alternative rap” music

Album release date: Oct. 14

Topped charts: #132 out of 150 on iTunes Alternative list

Available on: iTunes and Spotify

How it began: “I started rapping lyrics in high school, making fun of students and teachers,” he said. “But I stopped doing that [making fun of people] when I made a girl cry in my sophomore year of high school.”

First exposure to rap music: “Lose Yourself” by Eminem

“I was riding one day in my pastor’s car when I heard my first rap song,” Oyan said.

Home life: “I was never allowed by my parents to listen to rap music,” Oyan said.

Advent of PLNU career: Oyan started to play the piano in Crill Performance Hall daily, giving life to his notes with music computer software.

Who he wants to be as an artist: “To me, the content of a track is very important,” Oyan said. “The entire rap industry is a fake. Modern rappers are despicable. All they talk about are drugs, girls and money. I want that to change.”

Support: His family is proud of him. All of his music goes to charity.

“My brother took a camera to the studio recording to document everything for my mom and dad,” Oyan said.


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