Student on the Radar: Britt Doehring

When did you graduate from PLNU? What was your major?

I graduated from PLNU in 2014 and I received my B.A. in music.

What exactly is your campaign for? How much money/time do you have left?

My campaign is to raise money for my upcoming album “Right Where You Are.” The songs are about my life, Jesus and my walk. I’m trying to raise $15,000 by Nov. 16. I have 60 days to raise $15,000. That 60 days will be over on that date. Indiegogo, the website I am running my campaign from, only gives you 60 days to meet your goal.

She is at about $2,000 right now. The money goes towards her recording the album in a studio.

What does this upcoming album mean to you?

This album means everything to me. I’ve been writing and working towards making a new CD for six years. My hope is to spread God’s love through my music.

When was your debut album released?

My debut album was released in 2008 called “Emerge.”

Have you been doing live performances? When is your next one–is it local?

I do live performance multiple times a week. My next one is this Saturday night from 6-9 p.m. in Bonsall, California at Fresco Wine Bar and Grill.

Who is your favorite/most influential musical artist?

My favorite artists are Steven Curtis Chapman and Eva Cassidy.

What’s your secret talent?

I can fake cry in 30 seconds.

Is there a song that is extra meaningful to you on this album?

There’s a song on the album called “Right Where You Are,” which is the album title. The lyrics really meet you wherever you are and give a bit of hope by saying, “Hey you’re not perfect and I don’t care. I want you in your pain and with your scars and I’ll love you anyways.” That’s what Jesus has spoke to me through my life.

Find out more information on how to donate to the Doehring’s CD campaign here.

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