All Sons and Daughters perform at Timeout

All Sons and Daughters performed March 5 in Brown Chapel as part of Timeout.

PLNU’s Director of Spiritual Life came up with this idea to bring the artists to campus last semester.

“First I personally love them and I know many others do as well, and second, their name fit perfectly with what we’ve gone after this year in Timeout that we are sons and daughters of the living God,” Verner said.

After an email with the band’s agent, he found that they were looking for somewhere to play that Wednesday evening. The cost is free to students who have their ID card and closed to the public.

The doors open at 6:30 and opens at 7:30. The band will have a two hour worship set with interactive elements in between.

“It was quite crazy but I was super stoked,” Verner said. “I’m not sure if we have had anyone of this caliber play at Timeout before other than many urban rescue but I’m not sure if they are as ‘well known’ as All Sons and Daughters.”

The band brought its pastor, Jamie George, to speak to students.

“Treat everyone as if they’re hurting because everyone is,” George said.

Later, students were invited to take part in Convoy for Hope’s Feed One, to consume the elements and to contribute to a book of art.

All Sons and Daughters and Sandra McCracken perform “Oh Our Lord.”

McCracken performs “Thy Mercy, My God.”


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