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Some Quarantine Netflix Recommendations

  • On My Block

This show sparked conversation on social media when the premiere of its third season was launched earlier this year. Set in Los Angeles, it was first released in 2018 and revolves around four teenagers from an impoverished community that are constantly getting into trouble with the danger around them. It is definitely a must-watch for those who seek an ethnically diverse cast, as it focuses on the predominantly Hispanic community of the area as well as a significant African-American population. With just the perfect amount of comedy mixed with drama, it will keep you entertained. Each season consists of ten episodes each. 

  • You

If you are interested in a thriller that features a retiring teen heartthrob, then “You” is the perfect TV show for… well, you. Based on a bestselling novel, it follows a bookstore clerk who is the object of interest of Penn Badgley’s character, Joe. He makes it his life mission to follow her every move and know every detail about her until he can make her fall in love with him. While this sounds like an outrageous plot idea, it has left many shocked, as Season 2 was just released last December. 

  • When They See Us 

Looking for a story based on real-life events? “When They See Us” is a Netflix Original drama based on the real-life events of five young men who were wrongly accused of murder and imprisoned for many years. This miniseries will make you want to root for these men ever since they were incarcerated, and for the mastermind behind this crime to pay his dues as soon as possible so justice can be served quickly. Featuring a stellar cast and the real-life men at the end, it wraps up with a great segway that leads conversation for a topic that is often ignored: mass incarceration among African-American men.

  •  Black Mirror

Looking to be amazed at what can be achieved in the near-future around our society? Black Mirror does not have the exact answer to this question, but it certainly opens up discussion for it. Having been on TV for five seasons, it has been a hit ever since Netflix decided to purchase its rights and continue its innovative episodes along their streaming platform. Ranging from technology, political and pure scientific concepts, this show has a bit of everything. It shows glimpses into a nearby future that reveals how humanity keeps evolving.

  •  Arrow

Out of all the superhero TV shows I have seen recently, “Arrow” has been one of my top choices. It delivers enough action to be balanced with some romance plotlines throughout its seasons. Having just ended a few months ago, it is the equivalent of a “Batman personality” type of character, with a lesser caliber of course, as it is known for its dark approach to the famous genre. 

Written By: Mario Borrayo Ramos