Seven steps to becoming Homecoming royalty

Step 1– In the past just staff, faculty and RAs have been asked for nominations, but this year this was expanded to include club presidents, Student Senate and the ASB Board of Directors.

Step 2– Nominees that wish to be considered for final court turn in a questionnaire which is then made anonymous.

Step 3– Anonymous questionnaires are run through the Selection Committee, a group consisting of students and faculty members, who decide which people they think should move on to the next round.

Step 4– The surveys are made un-anonymous and those chosen few are placed on a ballot. The student body then votes on which students they would like to see representing their class on the Homecoming Court.

Step 5– Any run-off elections are held.

Step 6– The final court is solidified.

Step 7– The student body votes again on Homecoming King and Queen; and at coronation on Nov. 21 everyone finds out who won!

(It’s seven steps because it’s a holy process. Kidding. Kind of.)