Senior stylist readies for her last PLNU Fashion Show

Marissa Hernandez is prepping for her final fashion show with PLNU this year, just in time for graduation. The “Make a Statement” themed fashion show will be held on March 27 at the Liberty Station Conference Center. Hernandez is a senior fashion major and business minor.

“I feel like fashion really is a true outlet for expression and you should be able to put your best foot forward always, preferably in a heel,” said Hernandez via email.

Hernandez is styling a line which is not the same as designing and creating the clothes; instead, she is using clothes from a boutique in San Diego to create an overall look to her line. Last year, her vibe was very hippie chic with lots of dresses, matching shoes and accessories to compliment the feel.

“Last year, I used MissMatch and I had the honor of going into their store and they gave me free range of all their clothes and merchandise,” said Hernandez. “So I took five of my tall beautiful friends and dressed them accordingly.”

The stores that allow stylists to use their merchandise require them to take an account of everything borrowed, pick up the clothes the day of or the day before and then return the clothes in the same condition after the show.

“It is great publicity and we always love to help out in any way we can,” said Jessica Howard, store manager of MissMatch. “One of our employees goes to PLNU so we are always happy to do what we can for them. We really enjoy being a part of the community in anyway.”

Howard said this fashion show is an opportunity that they don’t usually have.

“We have done fashion shows before but this was really the first time we have let someone else come in and use the clothes,” said Howard. “We are always excited to participate in a fashion show or anything highlighting how fashion can be fun and empowering.”

Hernandez went through a private school system in Texas where she wore uniforms growing up, so she didn’t start taking shopping seriously until she came to PLNU. This new freedom to wear what she wanted sparked her interests in fashion as a freshman and is still of great importance as a senior.

“Once I came to Point Loma, I was able to dress myself how I wanted, and I found my style and what I like to wear,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez will be doing a line this year that is closer to her own liking.

“Personally, I love retro so I would love to do that,” said Hernandez.

This year she is adding one more model than last year, totaling six models. Three of her models for this year are Katie Knight, Cassie Van Loo and Callie Van Kirk.

“I’m very excited to see what Marissa picks for us all to wear,” said Van Loo via email. “She has great taste – so I know it’ll be fantastic no matter what she chooses!”

Van Loo, along with many of the other models that are walking the runway in March, is a little nervous getting up onstage; however, the excitement is still in the air.

“I realized I’d be walking with friends and doing it for a friend so of course it’s going to be so much fun, whether I fall on my face or not!” said Van Loo. “So now I’m totally 100 percent excited.”

Going into this year’s fashion show after having experienced last year’s show, Hernandez has learned a thing or two.

“It goes by SO quickly: a ton of effort for 30 seconds. Completely worth it, but you got to just remember to take a step back and enjoy,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez said the real world is coming up quicker than she expected, but she’s willing to wait it out.

“I’m not ready for the real world,” said Hernandez. “I would love to open my own boutique someday, but that would be later on. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen after graduation, but I know God has a plan and I’m just letting him direct my steps.”

Look for Hernandez’s retro clothing line at the “Make a Statement” fashion show at the end of the month.