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San Diego food finds: Seven best restaurants in San Diego

I have to confess something to you all. I’ve been holding out on you. I’ve been saving the best and tastiest of dining experiences so that I could share them with you all at once. I figured now is a good time as midterms are almost upon us. Treat yourself or some friends after a job well done.

Under $10

Best Mexican Food
Lucha Libre 1810 W.Washington St.
This place is the best Mexican restaurant in town. Hands down. Adal’s and Ortiz’s have nothing on this luchador themed taco shop. Their huge gourmet dishes come with life-changing sauces and salsas that are made fresh every day.

Bounty of the Sea
Blue Waters 3667 India St.
The best seafood restaurant in town, and it is right down the street from Lucha Libre. They have an impressive selection of seafood; from shark to shrimp to tilapia, all of which can be prepared in a variety of ways and an abundance of marinades.

Perfect Personal Pizzas
Project Pie 3888 Fourth Ave.
No, this is not Pieology. This is so much better. The sauces are tastier, they have more topping selections, and their prices are better. The parking is atrocious, but I guarantee you that you will want to come back again and again.

Café Hue 3860 Convoy St.
This wonderful dessert café serves FRESH HOT WAFFLES OR CREPES WITH GELATO. Their waffles and gelato come in many unique flavors for potentially heavenly combinations.

Genuine Islander Cuisine
Chamorro Grill 6628 Mission Gorge Rd.
Ok this one is bit of a drive, but it is one of the few genuine Pacific Islander places in San Diego. Think of the best Hawaiian barbecue, and this place makes it better. Try their specialty dish, Kelaguen: chicken marinated in lemon, peppers, and coconut.

Unique Sushi Experience
Sushi Diner 7530 Mesa College Dr.
I’ve mentioned this place before, but I it belongs on this list. Their tiny establishment packs enormous amounts of flavor and satisfaction into their wonderful rolls. However in order to pay with card you have to spend over $10.

Under $20

Cajun Seafood Buffet
Crab Hut 1007 5th Ave
Dear sweet baby Jesus. This Cajun establishment literally serves seafood by the bucket. This place has all of the most popular seafood dishes, perfected with unmistakable Cajun spices.

Look forward to next week’s Downtown – Gaslamp, Little Italy, East Village food list!


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