San Diego food finds: Downtown and Little Italy

Downtown and Little Italy are seen as the faces of San Diego. Their restaurants, shops, and bars are distinct, charming, and popular. Some of the best restaurants and eateries can be found in the cluttered streets of San Diego’s metropolitan districts.

Under $10

Brunch and Gelato
Pappalecco 1602 State St.

This Italian café serves breakfast, lunch and gelato. Situated in the heart of Little Italy, this café offers simply delicious options and fantastic authentic gelato.

Exactly What the Name Implies
Extraordinary Desserts 1430 Union St.

A popular place many Lomans have come to love. From cakes to cookies to tarts, Extraordinary Desserts’ trademark sweets have yet to disappoint my sweet tooth and me. They also serve extraordinary meals here, but come on the sign says desserts. That’s what got me in the door.

Under $20

Italian Family Dining
Filippi’s Pizza Grotto 1747 India St.

This Southern California Italian chain has earned their success with their large portions, incredible ingredients and fun family setting. Their pastas are my personal favorite, in particular their sausage and meatball lasagna.

5 Star Meals at 1 Figure Prices
The Mission 1250 J St.

This award winning local breakfast/brunch restaurant makes you feel like you are eating at a 5 star restaurant. Their meals are Food Network Star quality for the same amount of money you would spend at McDonalds!

Designer Italian Street
Cucina Urbana 505 Laurel St.

The third Italian restaurant on my list is definitely the classiest and the most charming of the eateries. Cucina Urbana has an impressively large menu, even serving some uncommon dishes such as veal and zeppole. Each dish has a designer aesthetic that matches the exquisite tastes they consistently create.

Daily Delectable Donuts
Donut Bar 631 B St.

Essentially, Donut Bar spoils you with dessert for breakfast. Everyday there are fresh new creations on the menu that will certainly peak your intrigue and keep you coming back for a new experience. Chocolate Twix, pumpkin cinnamon-roll, and nutella donuts are just some of the Donut Bar’s unique selections. Wake up early to get in line because the place closes once the last donut sells.

Under $30

Brazilian Steakhouse Buffet
Rei Do Gado 939 4th Ave.

Here you pay one flat price for all of the meat you can eat. The servers bring the fresh, succulent daily cuts directly to your table for you to pick or pass at your discretion. The lunch menu is smaller and half as expensive as the dinner menu, but if you have a reason (and the funds) to take that special someone to dinner here, you won’t regret it.


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