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Rooted Magazine

While flipping through a student magazine at BIOLA University, junior Jannah Maling read a story about an Asian student who’s Starbucks coffee cup had “Ching Chong” written on it. Maling finished the story and knew that PLNU needed a similar publication where students, staff and faculty could write about their experiences with racism, injustice, and oppression. Maling is the editor-in-chief of the new MOSAIC magazine Rooted.

“I’m sure MOSAIC has a bunch of stories and experiences that not only give people a view into their lives (and MOSAIC in general) but encouraging and inspirational as well,” said Maling.

            MOSAIC (Multicultural Opportunities for Students Actively Involved in Community) is made up of seven multicultural student clubs. Rooted’s mission statement is “To highlight the MOSAIC community by producing a collection of experiences and topics that explore a combination of student life, faith, and background.”

            Maling brought up the idea to Samuel Kwapong, the Director of Multicultural & International Student Services and he was supportive.

“Part of what MOSAIC is on this campus is to expose the students, students of color and the entire population, is to expose them to something different, the unfamiliar, the other… There are a lot of our students who go through [discrimination] on a daily basis… How do we bring [these stories]? How do we share that with other people?” said Kwapong. Rooted was one answer to his question.

            The name Rooted came from the idea that everyone at PLNU has one thing in common – our faith.

“It made me think about how in MOSIAC they have this idea of where you come from or your identity makes up you as a person and the way you see the world. We might all come from a different background but we all believe the same thing which is our faith,” said Maling.

            The name and theme of Rooted also aligns with MOSAIC’s goal to create allies with students who are not a part of MOSAIC clubs. “We want to bring people together, to say ‘this is our story’, this is what people are trying to oppress us for,” said Kwapong.

            Rooted will include stories from faculty, staff, and students. Maling is aiming to have the first issue published by October 25 and will be featuring Chief Diversity Officer Jeffer Carr, Ed. D. ASB has volunteered to fund the first issue of the magazine.

“I loved the idea behind the rooted magazine because it gives mosaic a way to connect their clubs and share that with the whole student body! As an ASB board, our main focus this year is to support human diversity. This magazine fits right into that and that’s why we wanted to support mosaic’s magazine!” said ASB Vice President Jackson Wise.

The editorial board includes Maling as the Editor in Chief, the visual director is Sara Ah-Sing, photo editor is Bethany Endo, production editor is Jasmine Yabut, and the copy editor is Jessica Fernandez.

For further information or questions, email Jannah Maling at jannahmaling4599@pointloma.edu.