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Reusing and recycling at Thrift Shop Prom

With thrift shopping becoming popular among college students, the Campus Activities Board, ASB and Sustain PLNU teamed up to bring Thrift Shop Prom to campus as a part of Creation Care week, last Friday.

“This summer Sustainability came to me and asked if we could partner with them on a dance for Creation Care week,” said Kristi South, ASB Director of Activities. “They had the idea to have a donation as the entrance fee.”

As a part of Creation Care week, this event promoted reusing and recycling clothing by asking students to not only wear items that they have purchased at Goodwill, Salvation Army or other thrift shops, but to also bring an article of clothing as a donation. Emily Byrne, the coordinator of the event, says all clothing proceeds will be donated to Salvation Army and believes that this concept will gain popularity among the student body.

Students came to the event wearing an array of unique and crazy clothing. “I loved seeing everyone dressed up from the silly costumes to the fancy attire,” says freshman Elizabeth Robinson.

Student Assistant for Sustainability, Kirstie Hibbard says that the popular song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore generated the idea for this event and that Sustain PLNU saw it as a creative way to close out Creation Care week.

“Running with the buzz generated from Macklemore’s hit song we found a perfect opportunity to make a connection between reusing clothes and conserving resources,” says Hibbard. “Buying used clothes instead of new ones is very sustainable, socially conscious, and affordable.”

Sophomore fashion merchandising major Jana Russick enjoyed how students definitely wore their funky thrift store clothes. “It was fun to see how creative everyone was,” she said.

Hibbard says that the whole goal of Creation Care week was to help students realize their impact on the environment and create awareness of all they can do to reuse resources more conscientiously.

“The purpose of Creation Care Week was to help students realize that as stewards of God’s creation it is our responsibility to protect the earth’s resources,” says Hibbard.

Along with raising donations of clothing items, Thrift Shop Prom also featured several Sustainability clubs with booths where students could learn more information about the active reduce, reuse, recycle aspects of campus life. Hibbard was very excited for the event and sees it continuing in the future.

“We would love to have this be an annual event.” she said.