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Powderpuff is Underway

Recruiters for the Powderpuff football team claim to be hosting one of the largest events of Homecoming Week. Rosters filled quickly, forcing coaches to choose players randomly. The teams will compete on Nov. 13 at 7 P.M.

Colin Mowers, a sophomore PLNU student, is coaching this season. He contends that viewers “should expect a lot of excitement and fun” at the game. Mowers doesn’t have coaching experience; however, he played football in high school and was selected to coach Powderpuff this season. He is working alongside Caleb Bates in hopes of bringing the Point Loma girls to victory.

“The freshman should expect to beat the upperclassmen, and the girls should expect to have a lot of fun and work together,” Mowers said. The 25 freshmen and sophomores and 25 juniors and seniors on the team are required to attend two mandatory practices. No experience was required to be part of the team, so every female was encouraged to sign up online.

Jai’Lynn Parham, a PLNU freshman, wanted to do Powderpuff since she did it in high school. “It was a very fun experience and was something I could do to let out my competitiveness.”

Mowers expressed his high hopes for the girls this season and hopes everyone will make it out to support the PLNU Powderpuff team.


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