Poetry Corner: The Place You Are Alone

If I could fly into time

I would take you to the

Past and show you how much

She loved you even though

She broke up with you

I would take you to

Your future so you could

See how little all of this

Matters there but yet it means

Everything right now, and

Now is all you have, but

Eventually you will see

Him at his desk with

Pictures of his kids, and

It will be you, at the desk,

In the pictures


Now you are with me

I am taking you to

Your bedroom to show

You that time you smoked

All that dope and you

Thought you were alone

I want you to know it

Does not have to be

Like this, not now, not

Anymore. I want you to

Look up and see yourself

And see me too


I would take you to Livermore,

or Hawaii, or Barcelona, or

Back in time to before-cancer

to before-the-accident to before

She was drunk or asleep

all-the-time so you can hug

She who pushed you out of

Her so you can tell her

You love her.


Chloe Sparacino is the department assistant for Fermanian Business School. She likes to hiking, biking, riding horses and writing poetry.