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PLNU Students Making Their Own Dreams Come True

For the average PLNU student, a typical day is filled with nonstop classes, a part-time job, piles of homework, extracurricular activities and just enough time to see your friends and maybe even hit the waves while, hopefully, managing to squeeze in six or seven hours of sleep (on a good night).

Some students on campus, however, face a unique aspect of the college experience, one that comes with following their passions, despite any obstacles that may come their way. These students get an idea and run with it, becoming the young entrepreneurs they know they were born to be.

Here are a few of the dozens of businesses that have been started by men and women Lomans right here in our own backyard.

K4 Coffee Company: It all began last year in K4, a dorm room on the third floor of Young Hall. Three friends, now juniors, Ryan Kitzman, Dean Davidson and Tanner Wilson, knew one thing for certain: they loved coffee.

This realization turned into a dream, which started K4 Coffee Co., a business that strives to use sustainable and honest practices to make a positive impact on the earth and the community, while making delicious specialty coffee.

“We’re very passionate about what we do, and I, personally, have learned so many ways to think outside of the box when roasting and brewing,” said Kitzman. “I have realized how crucial that is to keeping creativity alive in this industry.

K4 Coffee is now the go-to coffee destination at PLNU’s Musoffee events, and they even offer specialty beans and merchandise through their website. With each bag of coffee sold, 20 percent of proceeds go to various non-profit organizations.

Visit K4coffeeco.wordpress.com, or check out their Instagram page to learn more about K4 Coffee Co.

Salt Scrunchies: Started in December 2017 by PLNU junior Paige Davenport, Salt Scrunchies is a scrunchie business that strives to fulfill a need within a growing trend while also making a difference.

The company contributes to an organization in El Salvador called Sus Hijos, which works to feed the homeless population every day. It costs just $0.50 to feed one homeless person one meal, so for every scrunchie sold at Salt Scrunchies, $0.50 goes toward feeding the homeless in El Salvador.

“The name was inspired by Matthew 5:13, where it talks about how we are called to be the salt of the earth,” said Davenport. “I wanted whatever came from this fun little business to also do some good in the world.”

You can find out more about Salt Scrunchies on Instagram or on etsy.com/shop/SaltScrunchies.

Handmade by Mads: Anyone looking to invest in custom and handmade art pieces will love Handmade by Mads, started this year by senior Madison Elick. Specializing in watercolor lettering and design, this business is all about spreading color and light through Madison’s love of hand lettering.

“I am just hoping to use what I can do to be an encouragement and inspiration to others,” said Elick. “Also, the extra income is going toward my post-grad adventures in Peru.”

Be sure to check out Handmade by Mads on Instagram and on etsy.com/shop/handmadebymads.


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