PLNU Student Senate Starts for ‘22-23 School Year

Last week, the Point Loma Nazarene University Senate rounded up freshman elections and is ready to start serving the campus. Their first meeting was held Sept. 12 in Colt Hall, where they welcomed the 18 members, including the four newly elected freshmen.

The meeting was conducted by vice president of PLNU’s Associated Student Body (ASB) and leader of senate, fourth-year graphic design major Lauren McCandless, and her assistant, fourth-year biochem major Adele Gargiulo.

Together, the group discussed the senate’s role on PLNU’s campus, specifically the varying committees that the senate is made of: mental and physical health, campus services, diversity, sustainability and constitutional survey. 

“Senate is basically the legislative branch of ASB that brings student representation and seeks to improve campus life and community,” McCandless explained.

“Last year’s senate left [us] in an amazing position with a lot of momentum to jump start into this year,” Gargiulo said.

Last year, fourth-year senate member and environmental studies major Becca Bullenserved served as the head of the sustainability committee and commuter student representative.

“We are planning on revising our ASB constitution which will be difficult, but necessary work,” Bullen said. 

Recently elected first-year business marketing major, Lauren Farer, shared her motive for running for PLNU Senate.

“Leadership has always been important to me, so I am very grateful to have the ability to lead on campus as a freshman and to get involved with campus activities,” Farer said.

Another recently elected first-year, nursing major Grace Byde, added how she plans to further her leadership skills. 

“I am super excited to get involved on campus with a group of people who really care about this school, to help build the community here, and to meet some super fun people,” Byde said. 

Bullen explains how PLNU’s senate does behind the scenes work for campus, which can sometimes go unnoticed by the general student body.

“I want us to be more accessible to the student body so that they come to us with ideas, concerns, or thoughts regarding PLNU and how we can make it even better. I believe that students’ voices are our  most valuable asset on the Senate, so I hope we can amplify them this year,” Bullen said.
To contact McCandless, email Forother senate representatives, visit their website or instagram here.

Written By: Olivia Cox