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Pete’s Power and Pitfalls

  1. What were your first impressions of Pilot Pete? 
  2. What do you think Pilot Pete’s intentions are? 
  3. What young woman do you think Pete is going to choose and why? 
  4. Do you think Pete is a “good guy”? 
  5. Would you ever date Pilot Pete? 

Abby’s Reponses: Abby Williams is a senior multimedia journalism major

  1. I’ll be the first to admit that I adored Pilot Pete during the last season of “The Bachelorette” and at the start of his season. I was so excited for him to be the bachelor, especially after his undeserved heartbreak on Hannah Brown’s season. He was one of the only guys who seemed as genuine as a reality tv show would allow. He was cute, funny, sweet and let’s not forget about the sexy profession that gave him his unforgettable nickname, Pilot Pete.
  2. I think Peter’s intentions are to find a wife, but sometimes, I think he’s in it more to make out with all of the women. I have no doubt he’s looking for his forever girl, but I also don’t think he’s trying super hard to save his lips for his special lady. Seems to me like he’s really trying to earn the title of “The Bachelor” and give his fans a whole lot of drama.
  3. I think the previews want us to believe that Pilot Pete’s mom is urging him to go after Madison Prewett after her abrupt exit from the show when Pete admitted he was intimate with the other two ladies during fantasy suites. But “The Bachelor” franchise is notorious for misleading viewers so the finale seems to be what host, Chris Harrison, would say is “the most dramatic season finale ever.” But who knows what curveball Pilot Pete will throw at us. I’m still rooting for Pete and Hannah Brown’s love story to take off. 
  4. What started out as love and admiration for Pilot Pete quickly turned to distaste for the new bachelor. I’m sure he’s a good enough guy, but the way he is handling his season screams a word that isn’t PLNU approved. He says the same thing to every woman, picks every one of them up and puts them on a counter to make out with them and encourages the drama like no previous bachelor or bachelorette. He overcomplicates every relationship, and the only relationships that seem to intrigue him are the ones that seem so blatantly wrong. I was a big fan of when Kelley Flanagan told Pete that he was only questioning their relationship because there wasn’t any drama. She told him that it was OK for things to be easy with someone—Pete obviously disagreed because he sent her home that night. I honestly just find it annoying and pathetic that a man who claims to want to find love so badly is so enthralled by the drama. There’s a reason Pilot Pete hasn’t found love yet, and my money is on his immaturity. 
  5. Would I ever date Pilot Pete? Sure, I would if that meant I got to take two months off work, go on national television and travel the world, but I sure as heck wouldn’t be dumb enough to fall in love with him. I’d love to date him alongside 24 other women, so I could take on the role of the woman there for the wrong reasons. 

Sierra’s answers: Sierra Marshall is a senior graphic design major

  1. My first impression of Pilot Pete came from when he was on Hannah B’s season of “The Bachelor.” I thought he was sweet and super cute. He gave me the impression that he could make a good match for anyone. He seemed low maintenance compared to a lot of the other guys on Hannah’s season. 
  2. I think he truly wants to find love, but I think he struggles knowing what his heart really needs and desires. I think he ultimately wants to find his forever love and wife her up, but the obstacles in his way can cloud his judgment. 
  3. I think he is going to choose Madison, although she has already left the show. I think Pete will realize what a big mistake he has made in letting her go. Madison seems like the type to know her worth, but I think if Pete made the decision to respect her wishes and ask her to come back, she definitely would.
  4. I think Pete is a good guy because he has never pretended to be anything other than himself. As I have watched him in this season and last season, he is always very true to his feelings and expressing them to the women he is with. He is a big family guy, so that always adds points on my list. He obviously knows what a good relationship looks like, and he strives to find that in his own life. I ultimately think the reason so many other people think he is a bad guy is because he doesn’t know how to listen to his heart as well as other bachelors or bachelorettes who came before him. That can become very misleading to the women on the show.
  5. I would date Pilot Pete. Like I said, I think he is a nice guy, and I would give him a chance. I can’t say that I would date him on this show because for me, there is not enough time alone and way too much drama with other women.