Pat Barrett Performs at Loma Live in the Greek

Pat Barrett, Sheffield Norton and Naomi Norton. Photo Credit to Erica Norton.

Point Loma Nazarene University’s (PLNU) Greek Amphitheater was filled with students, faculty, family and friends, as Pat Barrett (singer-songwriter and worship leader) prepared to take the stage. Opening with a song from his newest album “Shelter,” Barrett sang “Every Good Thing.” 

“I got joy in the morning, I got peace at night. Yeah, my cup’s overflowing, and my future’s bright. Yes, it is!” Barrett sang and the lyrics echoed through the Greek. 

Each person rose from their seats and clapped their hands together with the music. Barrett sang from his heart as he led the crowd in worship. 

Barret not only led the crowd in beautiful worship, but made us laugh with his humor and interactive jokes. He joked about awkward moments from other concerts, and the way his fans did not know what to do with their hands during his songs. Barret went on to sing one of his hit songs, “Sparrows and Lillies.” 

Barrett prefaced this song by sharing a story about his wife. He opened up to the crowd about singing lyrics from this song to his wife as they go through tough seasons.  

“Hold on love, things are gonna get better, things are gonna get better, I know it’s hard. Hold on love, things are gonna get better, things are gonna get better, I know they are,” Barrett sang.

These comforting lyrics resounded through the Greek, touching the hearts of stressed-out students. Barrett sang this song with passion, giving the glory to the Lord for his protection and comfort. 

Barret interacted with the crowd throughout his concert. He asked what songs we wanted to hear, and would play them for us. He played a majority of his own music, but also led us in other worship songs. Barret sang “Gratitude” by Brandon Lake, “How Great Is Our God” by Chris Tomlin and many more from the crowd’s requests. 

The Greek Amphitheatre roared as Barrett played songs that almost every listener knew. 

Kimberly White, PLNU’s interim director of alumni relations, said via email that there was “a total of 1,049 people in attendance at the third annual Loma Live from the Greek.”

“287 students received free tickets, and hundreds of other alumni, faculty, staff, families and friends gathered,” White said.  

Barrett met with fans after the concert to express his interest in meeting them, and thank them for being there. Barret took the time to personally connect with each fan waiting to meet him.