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Music. Coffee. Culture. Musoffee.

In the midst of the stress, the busyness and the chaos that can be the life of a college student, a breath of fresh air rolls around every so often in the form of an ordinary Thursday night. Once a month, PLNU students flock to the ARC, favorite coffee mugs in hand, to enjoy music and coffee, also known as Musoffee.

What was an array of ping pong and pool tables by day is transformed into rows of comfy couches, a coffee and tea corner and a sweet mix of excited voices and good music by night. For the past several years, Musoffee, a beloved PLNU tradition, has created a space where students can come together, drink quality coffee, and watch their own friends and peers showcase their talents on the stage.

“My favorite thing about Musoffee is the overall atmosphere. The first time I visited this campus was with my brother when he went here, so it’s really the first memory I made of this place and it has quickly become one of the defining aspects of PLNU for me,” said junior Brady Sisk, who is this year’s Musoffee Coordinator.

Along with specialty coffee provided by K4 Coffee Company, a roasting company started by PLNU students, Musoffee gives students, PLNU alumni and local artists the opportunity to share their music with a community that never stops appreciating art.

As a tradition that is not only for the students, but also by the students, Musoffee is completely student-led. The position of Musoffee Coordinator has been handed down from student to student from the very beginning, allowing for artists and coffee that is a true representation of PLNU’s community and culture.

“I think Musoffee opens up a space for friends and strangers to gather and take a breath,” said junior Sarah Matter, who will be playing at the upcoming Musoffee. “I love walking into the ARC and watching some of my dear friends show off their beautiful talent while also downing a cup of coffee way too late at night.”

This Thursday’s Musoffee will be one of the last ones of the year, featuring music from senior Noah Daniels, PLNU alumnus Nathaniel Stewart and more. Bring your favorite mug and your favorite people to the epic jam session that is our beloved Musoffee.



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