Moniker Coffee partners with PLNU Caf

Photo courtesy of Anna Novelo.

Moniker Coffee Co., a long-time Point Loma coffee staple, has partnered with the Caf to serve their products directly on campus. Point Loma Nazarene University students can now expect to see three different blends available at the Caf.

The “House Blend” – Medium Roast is well rounded and balanced in taste. The “Lomaland Blend” – Light Roast (exclusive to PLNU) offers a unique flavor profile that represents the essence of our community. The “Single Origin” – Light Roast is a light roast with flavor notes of crisp apples with a buttery finish. This selection will shift during the year so students may try different regional beans such as Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia and more.

Moniker Coffee comes with connections to the Point Loma Community. Nate Cadieux, one of the two founders, graduated from PLNU in 2008. Post college, Cadieux fostered a relationship with Vice President of Student Services Jeff Bolster who speaks very highly of him and the work he is doing in the Point Loma Community.

My connection with Nate started a long time ago when he was my student,” Bolster said. “He’s an amazing guy and he was involved with developing Liberty [Station] when it used to be just a military base. Then, he went on to develop the Moniker partnership and if you’ve spent any time there, it’s just an incredible foundation and integral place with lots of intention behind what they do. They’ve employed PLNU students and are involved in the community.”

After the previous coffee contract ended, Bolster said Moniker came to his mind and he reached out to Nate. To his surprise, they were immediately interested. 

“Thankfully, everything worked out, even though I felt like it was a long shot,” said Bolster.

This partnership between Moniker and the Caf doesn’t mean everything coffee related is changing on campus. The Starbucks located inside of Bobby B’s is staying put. 

“Starbucks will be sticking around campus and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s a separate contract. However, we are considering expanding the Moniker coffee program to the Liberty Station campus, so that would be what’s next if it works out,” said Bolster.

On Sept. 8, students received an email notifying them of the news, some finding the new addition exciting. 

“Students were excited about it since it came out and have been going crazy for it. It stays out all day and students love it,” said Caf supervisor Mayra Aguilar.

Students who live on campus and depend on their daily cup of coffee were pleased to hear Moniker coffee was now available in the cafeteria.

“I like that their coffee is very convenient when you go to the caf. I like coffee a lot and I need it as a coffee student. I like the taste of Lomablend, a lot. I do wish we had like an iced coffee, maybe like a cold brew. I see people try to make iced coffee with it but it’s just too watery,” said third-year kinesiology student Ashley Hume.