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Meet your new 2023-24 ASB Board of Directors

The 2022-23 school year is nearing its end, which means that the new Associated Student Body (ASB) Board of Directors (BODs) is preparing for the 2023-24 calendar at Point Loma Nazarene University. 

On Feb. 22, the new BODs were announced to the student body. In an interview with The Point, each newly-elected director introduced themselves and shared what they are excited about in the following year, as well as what made them want to join ASB.

Photo courtesy of Nathan Shoup.

Name: Nathan Shoup 

Position: ASB President

Major: Applied Health Science

Excited for: I am excited to help facilitate a healthy team dynamic that is motivated and fueled by love. 

What made me want to join: I ran for ASB because I wanted to further develop my leadership skills while serving the campus community that I love so deeply. 

Photo courtesy of Bailey Pickard.

Name: Bailey Pickard

Position: ASB Vice President

Majors: Biology-Chemistry and Philosophy

Excited for: I’m so stoked to work with such an amazing team of people! It’s going to be a great year.

What made me want to join: I’ve been super involved with Student Senate for the last two years, and I wanted to step up my game and continue making a difference on campus.

Photo courtesy of Corey Kardos.

Name: Corey Kardos

Position: Director of Finance

Majors: Accounting and Finance

Excited for: I am really excited to work with the rest of the ASB Board, as I think we are an amazing group of kids who are well-rounded and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I am looking forward to working with students and staff in Student Life and Formation, as well as people from all areas of campus in order to make Loma feel like home!

What made me want to join: I worked as an assistant to this year’s Director of Student Relations, Nathan Shoup. I enjoyed working with the other directors, assistants, the Campus Activities Board and the Hooligans. I loved what ASB is all about, and how it serves PLNU. I also knew that this position would be extremely beneficial for my career and leadership skills.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Roby.

Name: Jordan Roby

Position: Director of Activities

Majors: Marketing and Organizational Communications

Excited for: I’m looking forward to continue to innovate our more traditional events and plan some exciting, new interactive events for our students. I am eager to create an inclusive culture that brings every piece of Loma together within our student community!

What made me want to join: After being a part of the Campus Activities Board for the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the welcoming and meaningful culture of ASB. I wanted to join ASB because I have loved being a part of planning student events and wanted to make a difference as a student leader on campus!

Photo courtesy of Thomas Kinzler.

Name: Thomas Kinzler

Position: Director of School Spirit

Major: Applied Health Science

Excited for: I’m extremely excited about the potential of our school spirit because following a great year and an incredible turnout at our men’s basketball NCAA tournament game, I think we’re poised for incredible spirit next year! I’m very stoked to work in this role alongside the Hooligans so that we may connect with different groups on campus in order to bring school spirit into new places at Loma!

What made me want to join: I ran for this ASB Board position because I love seeing people take pride in our school, especially when this feeling of belonging stems from attending a sports game or CREW event with friends! I am excited to take this role head-on, as my experience as a Hooligan my freshman year and my work this year as the assistant to our current incredible director, Emma McHugh, has prepared me thoroughly to take our school spirit to another level!

Photo courtesy of Colby Douglas.

Name: Colby Douglas

Position: Director of Student Relations

Major: Business Management: Entrepreneurship

Excited for: I am excited to work alongside this amazing team we have coming in! I think we are going to accomplish a lot of great things for Loma!

What made me want to join: I ran for ASB because I truly felt called to be in this position of leadership and I hope to glorify God in all I do! I know He has some amazing plans for this team and our student body!

Photo courtesy of Tess Schrupp.

Name: Tess Schrupp

Position: Director of Spiritual Life

Major: Communication Studies, Christian Studies minor

Excited for: I am so excited to work with this group of people, I am especially excited to see where the spirit wants to take us as we bring new and bold ideas to the campus. This is going to be an epic year with an epic vision.

What made me want to join: I ran for ASB because God called me to be a vessel for His glory and to serve Him at the end of every day. Through community, prayer, and encouragement, I got to see a deeper “why” for myself.

Photo courtesy of Anna Ivanov.

Name: Anna Ivanov

Position: Director of Communications

Major: Graphic Design with a concentration in Marketing

Excited for: One of the biggest and most exciting things is being a part of such an amazing and God-loving team. I am also stoked about the opportunities I have with my role and the ideas I will be able to bring to life in the next year.

What made me want to join: I ran for ASB because I saw the amazing people on the current ASB board step up and make a change to the culture on campus. Of course, we may not be able to change how good the food is at the caf, but we have the amazing opportunity to cultivate a loving and welcoming college experience for everyone on campus (I promise you will remember the fun times with friends more than the food at the caf).