Masquerade Ball brings a small commuter crowd to Liberty Station

Commuters gathered for a glamorous night of fun and mystery Dec. 5 as Commuter Services hosted its first Christmas Masquerade Ball at Liberty Station.

Four students from Commuter Services organized the event: Luis Gallardo, Lindsay Semmler, Sarahi Sandoval and Seira Ortiz.

Having handed out 102 tickets, Gallardo was disappointed only 30 people, both students and their guests, showed up.

“It was the first time the Commuter Services were putting together a dance and it unfortunately landed on the same day as December Nights and other school events going on at the same time,” Gallardo said. “Even though we would have been ecstatic to see bigger numbers, we were really happy to see that the people who were there were having a really good time!”

For those who attended, like senior Ronald Guerra, this small turn out brought everyone closer together making the event special and memorable.

“I went with a few of my friends and even though there weren’t a lot of people there, we still had fun,” Guerra said.

The DJ (DJ Johnny) played a variety of music, so that there was something for everyone to enjoy. One of the night’s most popular songs was the Cha-Cha Slide, which brought everyone together to the dance floor to “clap, stomp and cha-cha-cha” along.

A fog machine gave the room an added air of mystery as rays of multicolored lights bounced around the dance floor.

To the side of the room, students huddled around refreshment tables, refueling on bottled water, cups of apple cider and an assortment of snacks. Students could also be found in the photo booth, with props at the ready, like oversized glasses and Christmas hats.

Guerra said he enjoyed the Masquerade, despite the low attendance.

“I thought it was a good event,” Guerra said. “If they continue doing it, I’m sure it will grow in popularity and draw more crowds in the future.”


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