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Malmin’s fantasy finds – How to win a trade

The fantasy playoffs are right around the corner and many of you are either on the cusp of taking a playoff spot or holding onto one you’ve already earned. Adding pieces week-to-week on the waiver wire can win you a couple of games, but to really improve your team as the playoffs draw nearer, you may need to make a trade. For many hosts this weekend is the trade deadline, or the last day you can make a trade. So, this week we will be taking a break from the normal waiver advice and instead we’ll focus on some tips for fantasy football trades.

Trade from your depth – If you have two running back spots in your league and three or four running backs that consistently are above average, you should consider trading your excess in order to improve your team elsewhere.

Buy Low, Sell High – If you have a player that is normally average, try to trade for a star that is having a down year. Odds are that the star will have a better remainder of the season. Their owner will also be getting anxious and may take a bad deal.

Don’t be scared to offer a two-for-one – If another owner is very weak at one position, you may be able to pry a superstar from their team if you offer depth. Offering two average players that don’t start on your team, but could start on their team, is a great way to get an upper-level player.

Know your opponent – If you know the other owner, you can better tailor your offer to them. Are they a huge Chargers fan? They might overvalue Chargers players, and that gives you an opportunity to take advantage of their fandom.

Improve their team – If the trade won’t help them, they probably won’t accept it. Make sure you account for the other owner’s needs, too.

Trade with the bottom feeders – At this point in the season, there is likely someone in your league already eliminated from the playoffs. These people will be more likely to give you the players that you want since their team is bad, anyway.

Never open with your best offer – If you offer all that you’re willing to offer right of the bat, you won’t get a good deal. The other owner will assume you’re willing to give more, and the trade talks will come to a quick close.

Player to trade for

Russell Wilson (Quarterback – Seattle Seahawks) – The narrative right now is that Russell Wilson has been bad this year. I submit to you that he has not been, and the second half of this season will reflect that. He is currently on pace for a 4,000 yard season and is just about as efficient as he’s ever been, and he has been arguably the most efficient QB in the NFL the last five years. The only thing missing? Touchdowns. Wilson has thrown just five. Yes, you read that right. But I, along with many others, expect Wilson to return to form as he gets healthier and his offensive line gets more experienced. This is a great buy-low target.

Player to trade away

Brandin Cooks (Wide Receiver – New Orleans Saints) – There is no doubting Cooks’ talent. Perhaps in the future he will be a truly valuable fantasy entity, but for now he is too unreliable to keep. He has had four weeks of more than 10 points, and four weeks of less than 10 points. Not a great ratio. Still, Cooks has a good reputation around himself and you should get someone useful for him.


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