Love Art Gallery features senior portraits

These are just some of the students The Point will feature as part of the Love Art Gallery senior showcase. The gallery runs for another three weeks. Seventy-three students volunteered to get their photos and bios posted through Ben Maiava, a senior photographer.


Chloe Soremekun

“One word to describe my time at Loma: transformation. If I would have tried to predict my journey as a freshman, I do not think I would have been able to come close to where I stand today as a graduating biology pre medical senior. After 3.5 years at PLNU, this community has transformed me physically, enhanced me academically, and most importantly matured me spiritually. As the youngest child of Nigerian immigrant parents, and currently an undergraduate molecular biology researcher, mentor, volunteer, and triple jump national champion collegiate athlete I can definitely say my time at PLNU has been one that has encompassed transformation.”


Delaney Cassidy

“Freshman retreat. Bird watching. Late night guitar playing in the Greek. Zac Brown Band concerts in the rain. Devil’s punch bowl. 7-Eleven sub sandwiches. Being stuck in McDonald’s drive-thrus. PLNU baseball games. Shout outs to all of Sam’s haters. Tide pools. Matt killin’ it on the elliptical. All nighters in the training room. Garrett dancing. 6 Flags trip. Emily and Garrett wrestling. Ben needing gum for basketball. Late work orders. Kicking Ashlyn in the head rock climbing. Dancing in the weight room. Cabin nights in Big Bear. Nonsensical conversations in the caf. Ice skating. Garrett’s hair. Spencer eating ice cream with his hands. Falling for that funny basketball player. Deep sea fishing for rocks. 3 sisters falls. Taco Tuesday nights and all the others I won’t forget. Touche, PLNU. You made it happen.”


Ashlyn Vidal

“I wish I could think of a single memory to write down however there are just too many over the past four years that have shaped my life changing experience at PLNU. I will never forget the endless amounts of laughs, good and bad nights that turned into even greater stories, having so many Froyo store options and the sweet friends that I will keep with me for a lifetime. History class and bird watching with Delaney Cassidy will always be two of my favorite memories.”