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Live Worship Album Recorded with Alumni

This Friday, March 28, George Williamson will be recording a new live worship album in Brown Chapel.

The last time this happened was three years ago, during a time out service. Travis Cook, the Worship Ministries Media Coordinator, will be mixing the live sound for the event. He tells us that the recording process will be fairly similar to the last one.

“Now we have three years of additional experience that will go a long way to make the final product that much better,” Cook said.

The team was very happy with the last album, and the positive feedback was a contributing factor to recording another album.

Senior Orin Mozon was present at the last recording.

“The thing I loved about [that recording] was that it was a night of worship,” Mozon said. “For me, it wasn’t about being a voice on some album, it was just a time to worship and I loved it.”

Williamson loves the sound of people worshipping along with him, and that has been one of the ultimate inspirations for creating another album.

“If I didn’t really, really enjoy the sound of people worshipping, it would be much easier to do this in a studio,” Williamson said. “But I love to worship with people, and I absolutely love that sound.”

Williamson has spent much time preparing for this new album; for him, it’s been a very prayerful process. He has been writing new material that deals with themes that may be difficult to find in other worship music.

“The first step was committing in my heart to do [another recording],” Williamson said.

In January, Williamson invited the band, who he recorded the previous album with, to return for this sophomore album. Because none of the musicians currently live in San Diego, Williamson assumed he would not be able to get them together again. But they all said ‘yes.’ Sophomore Julius Obregon will be joining the team, as well.

Williamson’s overall process for writing new music and preparing for traditional songs has included “plenty of prayer, plenty of feelings of inadequacy, plenty of confessing that I can, at best, make a pretty decent sounding music product.”

There will be 12 full songs on the final album, and it will become available for purchase in mid-July.

For anyone interested participating in the live recording, it will take place at 7 p.m. on March 28 in Brown Chapel. Email plnuworship@pointloma.edu for more information.