Lip Exchange

The space between us is charged, electricity inside of the air

I could swear that our lips are polar, but I continue to hold her stare

With eyes like mazes, man, I lose myself in them

With a smile that bears a secret, in my head starts the mayhem


Together, we’re unstoppable

Not to brag, I’m just saying

If there was a meteor headed for earth,

I’m pretty sure we could take it


My arms embrace her tightly

Hands grip the back of my neck

The space between us dissipates

And my sanity is wrecked


The world freezes around me and melts onto my shoes

I’m misplaced in this girl, our existences infuse


The cosmos stopped and stared because the moment was pure gold

If history is even important, this moment must be retold


As the passion fire was lit, we kissed like we invented it.


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