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Know Justice, Live Justice

A student looks through second-hand clothing, which Live Justice promotes over fast fashion, outside of the ARC. Photo courtesy of Rylie Shore Kern.

Live Justice is an annual Point Loma Nazarene University campus event hosted by the Center for Justice and Reconciliation (CJR). It is grounded in five areas of action where students can live out the principle of justice and create changes with the intention of doing good for people and the planet: Drink, Do, Wear, Eat and Live. 

This event has undergone some revisions this year. 

Kellyn Gonzalez, third-year marketing major and marketing lead at the CJR, said, “Last year, it was a week-long event with a designated topic each day: Drink, Do, Wear, Eat, or Live. This year, we decided to turn it into one big event with a more immersive experience on each of the topics.” 

Kyla Kinzle, fourth-year political science major and events lead at the CJR, said, “Live Justice started out as Wear Justice, focused on clothing consumption and the exploitation of both people and the planet within fast fashion. We switched to Live Justice in 2022 to capture more areas of exploitation and celebrate what our community is doing to address this.”

The CJR has continued to make appearances on and off campus and has even recently been launched into a website.

 Katie Hodson, CJR manager of student programs, said, “Whether it was joining the clothing swap, getting connected with community partners, or engaging with sustainable businesses in the San Diego area, we have reached a variety of students on campus and hope to continue to do so.” 

“Our biggest addition to the event is our website (cjrstudents.com) which will allow students to access and engage with a variety of resources and materials like videos, podcasts and articles highlighting the themes we are focusing on,” Gonzalez said. “We are hoping that regardless of the turnout at the event on Friday, students can continue to engage with the website all year long.” 

The members of the CJR have been impacted by the mission and people involved within this organization.

“The CJR has given me a lot of amazing opportunities to learn more about injustice, specifically about human trafficking and the staff at the Center has inspired me to continue to pursue a career in the anti-trafficking field in the future,” Kinzle said.

“Working in this field can be very heavy and dark, but the CJR and its partners in the community and on campus do such valuable work to interrupt injustice, that it brings hope to the dark places,” Hodson said. “It is a privilege to work alongside professionals in the field that are passionate and committed to fighting human trafficking, through research, education and advocacy, prevention curriculum and more.”

The event is designed to get students talking, learning, and doing justice in their own lives and in the lives of those around them. 

“I hope that they find good resources and have good conversations that guide them on the journey to cultivating justice in their everyday lives,” Kinzle said.

Likewise, Gonzalez and Hodson said they hope the event will help students engage in conversations and learn how their individual actions make a difference.

“We want to show students how they can get involved and make little changes in their lives but also provide space to come together as a community and recognize the work that is already being done,” Gonzalez said. 

“We desire to be inspired to advocate for larger changes in our world,” Hodson said. “We know we can’t address or fix every injustice in the world, but if this event inspires someone to live a life bent towards justice in small or large ways, that would be a success. We hope to plant seeds and equip students to know what their options are to live more justly.”

Live Justice will happen March 31 4-7 p.m. on Cunningham Lawn. The CJR will be accepting clothing donations for the clothing swap event at the CJR Office and Commuter Lounge. To learn more information, follow the CJR on Instagram @plnucjr.

Written By: Megan Lonsdale