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Inside Out Project

PLNU students joined forces with the Inside Out Project on the border between San Diego and Mexico.

The Inside Out Project is an art project that gives the opportunity for anyone to share their portrait and make a statement about what they stand for. According to their website, this project is worldwide with over 260,000 participants in 129 countries.

French artist JR created this project and remains anonymous. To participate, people get their picture taken and paste it to support an idea and share their experience. Some of these photos explicitly say their purpose and some are just faces, leaving interpretation between the picture and the viewer.

PLNU student Kaylee Schattke, a junior biochemistry major, headed to Playas de Tijuana on Saturday, October 20th to put her portrait on the border fence.

“It was a really awesome experience to work with people from both sides of the border to put up something beautiful that all could enjoy,” said Schattke.

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