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Inside the Life of an Immigrant

The recent Presidential elections ended in a way that few-if any-predicted, resulting in Donald Trump as the new president-elect of the United States of America. This has put fear in a lot of immigrants’ minds as talk of building a wall by the border of Mexico and California and the possible deportation of anyone who is not here legally have been circling Trump’s’ campaign promises.

Living among many immigrants from different countries has opened the eyes of my household to what can be our very near future. This has also had an effect on the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University. Students with immigrants in the family or even those whom are immigrants themselves have been worried about what this means for their education and the future opportunities.

I am one of those students that have been living in fear of what will happen to us next. Being the daughter of immigrants and an immigrant myself, this election brought up a lot of mixed emotions. The day after the elections there was definitely a different vibe in my house, as well as on campus throughout the day. The day I found out Trump was our president-elect was the day my “freedom” ended. I was an undocumented immigrant myself until 2011. Currently, I am resident, but my residency expires in 2019 so I’m facing the decision of renewing, or moving out of the country because of potential changes to immigration policies. Because of Trump’s policies during the campaign, I was hit with the harsh reality of what was to be my possible future. My parents have recently become citizens of this country so it has been difficult not being able to relate to them about what I am facing currently. Being the only temporary immigrant in my household has been a struggle. I question how long I am going to stay in the United States, or if this even a place I do want to stay anymore. Maybe I should just become a citizen and make it all the more easier for myself, but what if citizenship laws and policies change before I get the chance to apply? These are things that I have personally been asking myself.

It has even made my relationship with fellow peers and faculty members on campus harder. Facing a new future is scary. This isn’t just something that I am dealing with alone. Immigrants all around the nation are facing the same reality as I am. Whether they are here illegally or not, they are still going to be affected by the possible change of immigration policies. These are people that have moved here to make a better life for themselves and to give themselves opportunities for success.The idea of building a wall not only instills fear but it builds up a stigma as well.

The wall just reiterates the fact that I am different, and it is not just because of the color of my skin. My hope for the future is that America really does remain the land of opportunities and that people are able to continue to flourish here, whether they are a citizen, resident, or immigrant. I would hate to see this great nation decline because of its lack of diversity in the near future. Trump is going to change the future, but how I

choose to react will define my time here…


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