Hooligans Bring the Spirit

Point Loma Nazarene University’s Hooligans are the most spirited bunch on campus, according to the official Instagram account of PLNU’s student body, @plnugreensea, https://instagram.com/plnugreensea?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= .  You may have seen them around campus in their green and yellow striped overalls or losing their voices at the school’s sporting events. 

Their spirit seems to be felt across the university by its students, faculty and athletes, including women’s basketball team member third-year education major Grace Moawad. 

“It is great to have a group on campus that comes out to support women’s basketball,” Moawad said. “When there is energy in the stands, it definitely fuels the way we play.”

While the Hooligans are required to attend a certain number of school events, they do it out of passion and enjoyment rather than a task according to second-year Hooligan data science major Trip Morrow. 

“Our job is to bring the energy, spread the word about events, show up loud and get people hyped!” said Morrow. 

Applications to become a Hooligan for the 2023-24 academic year were recently opened to the PLNU student body from March 15-29. 

Third-year communication studies major Liv Sladek applied to be a Hooligan last semester after transferring to PLNU. 

“I thought it would be an awesome experience to be a part of the sports and events that Point Loma offers,” Sladek said. “My experience as a Hooligan has been amazing! The best part is being around people who have the same love for sports and events that I have!” 

Morrow has also had a positive experience since becoming a Hooligan a year ago. 

“We all support each other and care deeply for the well being of the community,” Morrow said. “If you know you have a passion for this school, love sports and can get rowdy, absolutely apply!” 

Second-year applied health science major Thomas Kinzler recently retired his position as a Hooligan and became PLNU’s rising ASB Director of School Spirit. Kinzler has hopes to take the Hooligan crew to the next level this following year.

“My number one goal for the Hooligans next year is that this team would encourage others to be involved in the spirit of our school,” Kinzler said. “I know that it is so much easier to feel comfortable in an environment when you are surrounded by others who are excited to be there.” 

Kinzler explained that being a Hooligan is more than the sweet overalls and other perks that come with it.

“While it may be perceived that the only characteristics we are looking for are being loud and outgoing,” said Kinzler. “The reality is that the driving force in selecting a candidate is finding someone who cares deeply that students other than the Hooligans would feel involved in school spirit and will work to make that a reality.”

Kinzler’s dream already seems to be a reality as Morrow said he was inspired to become a Hooligan after the spirit of the crew blew him away at a basketball game his freshman year. 

“I remember it was a home game versus Pepperdine,” Morrow said. “And it was the loudest and most enthusiastic game I had ever been to, mainly because of the contagious energy of the Hooligans. After the game I went and introduced myself to the Hooligans and from there they invested their time and energy into me.” 

Kinzler and his team are working hard to continue this contagious energy as they interview candidates.

“Working alongside my interview committee, we look for candidates who are motivated to serve the students of Point Loma,” Kinzler said. “With this idea of giving back, our candidates have strong leadership qualities, are involved in different clubs or groups and have a desire to connect with other students.” 

If you are a PLNU student looking to get involved in a slightly more formal way, Kinzler has just the way for this to happen.

“I have the joy of inviting you to join us in our continuation of the Green Sea CREW next year,” Kinzler said. “Members are placed into different CREW groups which are led by two Hooligans. This is an opportunity for people to get connected with school spirit, as CREW members attend events together, have first access to new merchandise and are invited to epic all-CREW events.” 

PLNU’s Hooligans want their fellow students to keep bringing the spirit and consider becoming a member of the Hooligan team or the Green Sea CREW.

If you are interested in becoming a Hooligan:

If the Green Sea CREW sparks your interest:

Written By: Gracie Heffington