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Free Tacos with Every Chargers Loss

The Chargers’ move from San Diego to Los Angeles over the summer lost them local support. For Victor Lopez, the owner of El Pollo Grill in Bonita, the Chargers relocating left him unhappy enough to offer free tacos for every Chargers loss.

It is standard practice for restaurants to offer special deals if local sports teams score a certain number of points or win a game. For example, Papa John’s offers 50 percent off of an order for people in San Diego if the Padres score five runs; they also offer 40 percent off of any pizza if an MLB team hits a grand slam. The Golden State Warriors earned the nation free tacos at Taco Bell by winning Game 3 of the NBA Finals on the road. At some NBA games, fans earn free food if opposing teams miss a specified number of free throws.

All of these serve to incentivize a fan base to support and cheer for their team. However, Lopez is trying the opposite approach; he will give away free tacos—FREE TACOS—on the day following any Chargers loss.

After being a lifelong Chargers fan, Lopez voiced his support for the Broncos, the Chargers’ divisional rival, during week one.

“Hope you lose today LA,” Lopez posted on Facebook. “It would make my week. Let’s go BRONCOS!!!!!!”

His anger may cost him money, but Lopez does not seem to care about the illogical aspect of his idea, which he plans to continue all season. Even after the Chargers’ 0-3 start, Lopez is still excited to be giving away free food.

“I’m ecstatic to remind everyone that after every Charger loss, El Pollo Grill-Bonita will offer a free taco on Monday and Tuesday,” Lopez posted. “[You] must say the keyword #spanostaco.”

The keyword “Spanostaco” is in reference to Dean Spanos, the owner of the Chargers and the man responsible for the Chargers’ relocation. Spanos became unpopular in San Diego because of his decision to move the team. Thus far, the move to LA has failed to bring much attention and revenue to the Chargers, failing to sell out even the meager 27,000 seats in the regular season home opener of their new stadium.

El Pollo Grill is about 30 minutes south of PLNU, located just off I-805. For any Point Loma students seeking free food: cheer against the Chargers on Sundays, and then head down to El Pollo Grill to enjoy a free taco.

El Pollo Grill Address: 3041 Suite 105 Bonita Road, Bonita, CA 91902



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