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Extreme Makeover: Hendricks Edition

Over the summer, Hendricks Hall was upgraded. The bathrooms and showers were fixed up and looked brand new for the incoming freshman class. The bathrooms feel more spacious and neater than before. The showers and restrooms are now connected, whereas they used to be seperate rooms. In these updated bathrooms, there are three to four newly upgraded showers. However, for some, like junior business marketing major and former Hendricks RA Reid Murphy, the renovations were somewhat a cause for concern in how the school allocated spending, Murphy said.

“I think it is cool. I think [the money] could have been used elsewhere though,” Murphy said.  Last year, upperclassmen living in Hendricks like Murphy felt “it was manageable, but it is nice that freshmen get a nicer dorm than before.”

According to Jake Gilbertson, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life, PLNU  “has a rotation of residence hall remodeling project,” Gilbertson said. “During the 2018-2019 academic year, plans were made for this particular project. This is a plan that hopes to keep all of our residence halls in good condition. The allotted annual budget for dorm renovations determines the scope of work that can be completed each summer.” 

With the new bathrooms and showers completely moved to the east side of the hallways, Gilbertson said, “This allowed us to add another student living space on the westside with ocean views. This is because of the age of these bathrooms. It was best to completely replace the plumbing in the building and create all-new bathroom layouts. Overall the project turned out great and I believe the Hendricks bathrooms turned out great. Hopefully, students enjoy them. “

Current freshman, Alex Tseng, was surprised by the quality of the bathrooms when moving in. “I was stoked. I heard college bathrooms were pretty awful but the Hendricks ones are good, and I might not even have to wear slippers in the shower”, Tseng said. “It’s clean for the most part unless some people just get back from surfing, or the soccer guys just get out from practice,” Tseng said. “The showers are usually clean. Timing is everything if you want a dirt-free shower.”

According to Gilbertson, the Klassen bathrooms will receive the same treatment in the upcoming year.


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