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Don’t Cry, Craft: Crafting with Everyday Items

If hours of Netflix binging and homework sessions are fueling a sense of boredom, then it might be time to tap into your artistic side. One way to flex your artistic muscles without trying too hard is crafting with everyday items. 

Washi Tape Phone Charger

One of the easiest crafts is to use washi tape to spruce up phone chargers and other cords. All you need for this fun DIY is washi tape of your choosing and your phone charger. 

Take the washi tape and wrap it around the base of your charger and the end. Only place the tape on the plastic parts of the charger and avoid putting it on the metal or anywhere your charger may heat up. 

DIY Dry Erase Board

If you’ve been looking for a fun and simple way to get organized then this next craft is for you. It’s a DIY dry erase board that requires a few simple supplies: an old picture frame, colorful notecards, a blank sheet of computer paper, a ruler, glue and dry erase markers. 

Start off by measuring your picturing frame. Then cut out the paper according to those measurements. Divide the paper into six rows. In the bottom five rows, which will turn into a calendar layout, make seven columns. 

Cut the colorful notecards into the size and shape of the rectangles you made in the previous step. Next glue the notecards to the paper in any pattern you would like.

After everything has dried, insert the paper into the frame. Now you can write the monthly headline in and the dates. You’re ready to get your life on track and organized. 

Melting Crayon Pot

The last craft takes a bit more time and effort than the last two, but is a lot of fun—melting crayon art on a potted plant. All you need is glue (I used regular glue, but hot glue will work better), a pot for a plant, crayons and a hair dryer. 

Start by measuring the edge of the pot. Then unwrap the crayons and cut them to the measurement of the edge of the pot. Glue them to the top edge of the pot and let it dry. 

After the crayons have dried to the edge of the pot. Start heating them up with the hair dryer. Use caution while doing this because the dripping wax will be blown away by the air coming from the hair dryer and it’ll be hot. Allow the crayons to slowly melt down the side of the pot until you get the design you want. 

Written By: Ally Andre