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Celebrities’ Obligation to Voice Their Beliefs

Lately there has been unrest among citizens due to the amount of celebrities voicing their political opinions and using their platform to influence others. At first, I was a part of this feeling of unrest. It can feel as though celebrities are hopping on a ‘Hollywood’ bandwagon that supports one political view. However, I think that we forget that celebrities are individuals who have their own beliefs just as you and I do.

Many celebrities are very educated and politically involved, making them just as able citizens as the rest of us. And why wouldn’t they use their platform to raise awareness for things they believe to be unjust? Celebrities would not fight so vocally for something they didn’t truly believe in. If you had a platform, wouldn’t you want to voice your opinions in hope of influencing others.

Celebrity figures have just as much of a right as we do to be politically active. As a democracy, it would be disheartening if celebrities did not use their platform to advance their beliefs. We are lucky to live in a society where everyone is able to voice their opinions and have an impact on how others see the world and politics.

Many people shame celebrities for talking about politics at places such as award shows; they say that it is “not the place for politics”. But if that is not the place for politics, then where is? What better time to talk about prevalent issues then when one has a microphone and an audience in front of them? Voices are meant to be used. It is also essential for people to understand that celebrities’ right to speak their opinion is protected under the First Amendment, guaranteeing them freedom of speech.

‘Politics’ is not some elusive term that can be avoided; it is the core foundation of the world. Telling celebrities to keep politics out of their job is like telling them to deny issues that affect the world, including them. Celebrities have an obligation to voice their political beliefs. Not doing so would be a waste of a platform. No matter which side they advocate for or which party they represent, they have a right to speak against injustice.

If you became a celebrity, would you stay silent against injustice? Would you not try to influence others when it comes to politics? Celebrities have a duty to use their platform to promote what they believe as good and right. And as average citizens, we all have that duty as well. Just as they have an obligation to speak up, so do the masses. Make your opinion heard.


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