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Practice in Politics

Every four years, New Hampshire’s nickname switches from the “Granite State” to the “First in the Nation,” referring to their long-standing history of being...

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TV Shows Need to End

Last month, one of the most popular comedies on TV according to the Nielsen ratings, “The Good Place” did something that is rare for many other shows. It ended...

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Dating over Waiting

Dating is not an exact science because love isn’t something that can be forced. It happens where it is willed. One of the best times to date is while in...

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Wait to Date

College is a place for you to make mistakes, evolve as a person and grow in your career. It’s a place for you to make friends and strengthen how you view...

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Faith Influences Politics

To say faith does not or should not play a part in politics is like saying we should make mindless decisions about who we want leading our country and who we...