Caf Kones Goes Krazy

The popular Point Loma Nazarene University account @caf.kones handed over the cone throne on March 18, 2023. A new @caf.kones king, Ted Koresh, has been seated on the waffle cone. No one knows if this is his true identity, but there have been differences between this new account owner and the retired one. 

@Caf.kones has about 1,100 of the student followers. Recently, there have been a few new posts that sparked fear and curiosity. 

“I was quite spooked and curious as to which direction @caf.kones is going with their content,” first-year media communications major Elijah Lodenquai said.

Both of the recent posts had nothing to do with the Caf or its cones. One specific video was very different from the rest. It involved multiple images of the same lady who was consistently transforming into something new, something evil-like. 

 “Really unsettling and does not give off Christian vibes; something is not right about it,”  third-year Spanish major Lauren Duer said about the recent video. 

@caf.kones has been one of the many favorites of the Loma accounts because of their fun images and videos that embark on the journey of what it feels like to eat the creamy soft serve from the Caf. However, the new creator believed the content was lacking. Rarely do we see images or videos containing people eating caf cones. 

Is this a lack of students sending in content? Or is this the new desire being fulfilled by the new account owner by posting these images/videos? The account owner confirmed it was because of both reasons. 

“Well, I don’t really remember posting them but I guess they just got there,” current @caf.kones account runner Ted Koresh said.

He said people’s reactions to the posts show where AI might end up heading. 

“So maybe somewhere down the line when AI is in the news for terrorizing society, Caf enthusiasts will remember these posts. Warnings of sorts,” Koresh said. 

While some are worried or confused, Elijah claimed to be, “…down for whatever this is.” 

This account runner can no longer soft serve his way through running this account without your help. Luckily, the popularity of the account will never change the popularity of the Caf cones. Make sure to start sending in some content for an account that has always aspired to be sprinkled with dreams of becoming the number one flavor.

Written By: Erica Hamon