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A Weekend of Holiday Markets Encourages Students to Shop Local

Point Loma Nazarene University’s Center for Justice and Reconciliation (CJR) put on their annual holiday market, Roots of Giving, last Friday, Dec. 2. As stated on the CJR’s website, “Roots of Giving is an ethical holiday gift market at the Point Loma Nazarene University campus meant to promote local fair trade and ethical businesses to encourage a positive shopping alternative to our community.” Several vendors were present, selling everything from homemade jewelry to candles and alpaca yarn. The air was crisp and Christmas jazz rang in the air as several people crowded Caf lane with an eager shopping buzz. With fair trade hot chocolate in hand, students perused each table looking at the displays. 

Additionally, from handcrafted jewelry and crocheted headbands to thrifted clothes and custom stickers, PLNU students showed off their talents at the annual Flex Farmers market on Saturday, Dec. 3. The farmers’ market, which was more of a makers’ market, was open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m in the parking lot alleyways between Flex Apartments. The 28 vendors sold a variety of unique items including must-have thrifted clothing to perfect the Loma wardrobe, student-created artwork for home decor and handmade gifts essential for checking items off of Christmas wish lists. Those who attended walked the lined-alleyways of vendors while listening to Christmas music and eating free tamales. 

Below are pictures of the vendors from Roots of Giving and Flex Farmer’s Market.

Roots of Giving: Cambria Jacobs (left) and Amelia Tsering (right) serenade shoppers along Caf Lane.

Roots of Giving: A vendor selling alpaca yarn shows pictures of his alpacas who supply the hair for the yarn.

Flex: Kate Smith and Emily Smith sell drawings made by hand.

Flex: Lily Redden sold hand painted raccoon shirts. 

Flex: Emily Shields and Hannah Hayes sold handmade crochet items, tote bags and jewelry. 

Flex: Mira Ford old clothes for Surfer Cowboy.

Flex: Camden Masanga, Daniel Garcia, Christian Keenan, Zander Adelsohn, Abby Torry sold surfboards, hats, clothing and stickers.

Flex: Annabelle Huyard and Maeha Piturachsatit sold leather products hand made by Maeha’s parents.

Written By: Sofie Fransen and Claire Downey

Pictures By: Troy Davidson and Claire Downey