A Toast to the New Bluntees

By Sue Agee Borland

I walked through Point Loma’s hallowed doors

Though I wasn’t a Nazarene

I questioned the rules that seemed odd and extreme

But vowed to be both heard and seen.

I’m a rebel from birth so chose Russian to learn

The language requirement was clear

Dr. McKinney was teaching the class

And Sir Calvin was seated quite near

There were four in the class with the professor 

You’re the Intelligencia was his introduction 

“How I wish I was!” I cried out to McKinney 

“You wish you WERE…end of discussion 

So Calvin and I became comrades in mind

And lunched with his merry band of friends 

All were thinkers and tricksters with God-seeking hearts

Making The Point prove how mighty are pens!

So many issues arose in those years

We grappled with equality, sin, and grace

And what was our purpose here on earth

And where will the party take Place?

Carol of course,  got the ball rolling

And then started the rave and the rant

Noel and McKinney we knew had our backs

And Carol set up the Blunt Grant

Neal nearly recorded our stories and games

But I knew it would be a mistake 

If the administration got hold of an actual tape

Our reputation would burn at the stake

Michael & Michael, the masters of fun

In true Amish Rumspringa fashion

And each of us learned and fought the good fight,

Filled each other with love and compassion 

Now we gather and cherish all that is Blunt

We support students with that spirit to aspire 

We honor our legacy in Abby, Jordan, and Ellen

Then Ivy and  Micah and now Tony and Reyna, keep stoking the fire.

We’re happy to welcome you to our merry band

Let us celebrate all we find true

So lift up your glass in an epic Blunt toast

Cvevo Hiroshiva, the best to you!