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A good place to dine hard

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern is a restaurant and bar on North Harbor Drive. It is about a 20-minute walk from the Liberty Station shuttle stop. The atmosphere is upscale but casual and relaxed. The crowd here is a mix of young and old adults, with only a few kids around. Jimmy’s is a busy place, so be sure to get reservations or expect a wait.

My roommate Carlos and I shared a spinach bacon fondue and tortilla chips to start. The cheese was very creamy and salty, and the spinach added a touch of color. The crumbled bacon was the most prominent ingredient in the fondue, though it was not present in every bite.

Apart from the appetizers, Jimmy’s is famous for their burgers. We had the Jimmy and the Cowboy burgers because their names were the coolest.

The Jimmy burger was dressed in melted cheddar cheese, jalapeno jelly and crunchy bacon. Every bite was warmed by the jelly and slathered with cheese. The meat was a little bland and the only interesting texture was the thick cut bacon.

The Cowboy burger was made with the same patty, bacon and bun but was spiced up with green chiles, an onion ring and barbecue sauce. Carlos enjoyed the burger but was surprised that the sauce was more prominent than the pepper. He suggests coming hungry, as the burgers are pretty large and heavy.

We also had apple walnut coleslaw and fries with house ketchup. The slaw was sweet and mild, with pleasant sharp notes from the vinegar, but the texture was a little soft for my taste. Jimmy’s ketchup is very smoky from chipotle but still has the tangy-sweet taste diners might expect from any other recipe.

Our server was quick and professional and we only waited a few minutes for our food once we were seated. The price of the meal will be a little steep for many college age customers — the fondue and two burgers cost $40 before tax. Still, the charming atmosphere and great food make Jimmy’s an establishment that is worth a try. I give it 4 out of 5 stars and would definitely hemorrhage money for it yet again.